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How it works

With Spacebase you organize a great workshop in 3 easy steps.

Search your perfect space

You can easily browse our complete portfolio using our search page. If you cannot find what you are looking for or feel like you need some help please get in touch through our chat or via phone.

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Select extras

Once you found a venue it's time to select the extras you need for your workshop. You like to have a projector, flipchart or coffee? When you start a booking online you can easily add all extras and you will instantly see an overview of all the costs.

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Book directly online

With Spacebase booking and paying a space is as easy as online shopping. Once you confirm the booking, we secure your payment and provide you with an instant confirmation.

For most venues, marked with instant booking icon

  1. Provide booking details (duration, amount of people, etc.).
  2. Pay through one of our payment methods. Payment is only deducted once you receive the final confirmation.
  3. Wait for confirmation from Spacebase that the space is avaible and booked for you.
  4. Receive a final confirmation within a few hours.

For unique venues, that requires a specific quote

  1. Provide booking details (duration, amount of people, etc.).
  2. Request a quotation for the space through Spacebase.
  3. Wait for a quotation from the space provider, usually it takes only a few hours.
  4. Receive the offer and confirm it. Once you confirm you can pay immediately through one of our payment methods.
  5. Receive a final confirmation instantly.

Ready? Start now your first search.

Any questions? Our support team is always available.

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